Are you struggling with any of these concerns?


Is confidence holding you back?


It looks like everyone else knows more than you and of course there's only

1 MILLION software programs to wrap your head around!?


What's so special about you?


Agreements, business names, pricing - what should you work on first?


What if you don't know if you've got all you need?


What about insurance? Domains? Hosting?

All the THINGS!

Marketing Fears?

How do you find clients?


How do you get some stranger to say 'hey yes, I'll pay you!' for your services?


How do you even explain what you actually do?


Are you going to be able to make money?


What should you charge and what do you have to spend your money on? 


Will this even work?!?!

With an experienced trainer by your side, you can build a stellar business that you love!

Hi! I'm Rosie, founder and owner of the Virtually Yours network.


I’ve seen it before. People being encouraged to become a VA as it’s an ‘easy work from home option’.


But it’s far from putting up your open for business sign and having clients miraculously fall into your lap.


Sound familiar?


It takes commitment, patience and a hell of a lot of head thump moments.


But don’t worry, I know that you can build a successful VA business if you have the right mindset and follow the proven methods outlined in my Stellar VA Business course.


Over 9 weeks (which will fly by), I’ll share with you my tried and tested VA business building techniques that will help you find your passion, hone your skills and work with the clients you WANT to work with.


It’s practical, packed with all the templates you need and gives you the confidence to get out there and market yourself as a stellar VA.

Imagine this...

You started off feeling overwhelmed, fearing failure, marketing to everyone and no-one at the same time and you're wondering if this dream is really even possible....

You know there's no quick solution but do you have the time and money to make things turn around and to create a business you love?

Yeah you do! 

Here's why...


The Stellar VA Business Course provides you with:

  • Co-Pilot

    You have someone who wants you to succeed, who has done it all before and who can guide you so you can create YOUR definition of success!

  • Consolidation

    Everything you need is in one spot so you can stop hunting around for all the pieces to your business puzzle!

    You'll stop worrying that you haven't got the right structures in place - you'll be clear on what you do need and how to set that up.

  • Clarity

    With a clear vision you can take educated and decisive steps towards your own business success. You'll see your BIG WHY and make that your priority.

  • Confidence

    With the right support and the resources you need at your fingertips, you'll start to regain the confidence you need to take the steps you want, then you can create YOUR definition of success!

  • Clients

    The RIGHT clients will know that YOU solve THEIR PROBLEMS and they'll be confident about working with you. Your confidence, structures and systems will ensure they feel safe in your capable hands.

Ailsa Veiszadeh, My Virtual Outbox


Our easy to follow method is organised into 5 key modules

  • 1. You

  • 2. Offering

  • 3. Foundations

  • 4. Marketing

  • 5. Scaling



7 Day


Rosie Shilo's Stellar VA Course is really valuable - sound general business tips and fantastic knowledge specific for VAs.


Lots of detail and advice on a range of topics from an experienced professional in the industry. Certainly gets you motivated and well equipped to move forward with your business.

Jennifer Benedek

On Point Support

The Stellar VA Course was just what I needed. Rosie helped me clarify the direction I wanted to go in and gave me the confidence to move forward.


Rosie is energetic, fun and REAL! I would highly recommend Rosie to anyone wanting to start their own VA business

Jitixa Raniga


Catriona Burgess

Adhoc Virtual Administration

When you're starting out, sometimes you feel like you're at a crossroads or just treading water. Which way to go? So many options that everything becomes a blur.


Rosie Shilo's "Stellar VA Course" connects you with an expert on how to move your business forward and an amazingly supportive group.


The course is broken into very easily accessible units with weekly interaction, tips, laughs and tasks that help you apply your knowledge practically for your own business. It's a safe environment to test ideas, share challenges and grow in your own confidence as a business owner.


You will not be disappointed!

Ailsa Veiszadeh 

My Virtual Outbox 

If you are thinking about signing up for this you really should!


It’s amazing!


You’ll get incredible insights into yourself and your business, and Rosie provides so many tools and resources you’ll have no end of things to use on your business! 


I can't recommend this highly enough!

Meet your TRAINER

How can I help you?


I’ve been in the Virtual Assistant Industry now for 17 years (but I'm still young enough to be energized by it!) and I've seen so many women and men create amazing Virtual Assistant businesses.


When I started as a VA I was focused on Allied Health and Not For Profit groups. After a few years of this I changed direction and focused on creating and managing websites for a variety of clients. I have worked as a VA since my mid 20's and have never had to go and get a job and be told what to do and when! And that's something I'm truly grateful for.


I also want that for you.


I've run the Virtually Yours Network at the same time as supporting my VA clients, and this has connected me to thousands of amazing VAs. 


During the last 17 years I have achieved some awesome things and I also stuffed up a fair few things along the way! And it's all contributed to what I know about running a successful VA business. Mindset, foundations, processes and communication are all vital - and we work through all of these things in my course. 


I put the course together because not only do I love teaching about Virtual Assistance, but also because there is so much information out there and it can be incredibly overwhelming. And the info out there can really shatter your confidence and send you down a rabbit hole of confusion and frustration. You don't need that! I'm sure you have enough on your plate without adding all that drama.


The Stellar VA Business course is a safe place for learning and growing and I can't wait to work with you!




Have you come from a background in business administration or services that you think would work well in the Virtual Assistant Industry?


So many VAs start their business after having worked in business services such as administration, management, bookkeeping or design (to name just a few). They realise that they can work for clients who they want to work with, on their own terms.


Does this sound like you?


Maybe you've been child-wrangling and want to get back into work without getting back into employment. 


Maybe you are stuck in the rat-race and dream about a commute that starts in the bedroom and ends in the lounge room.


If you need...

  • Proven steps to quickly and easily build your VA business
  • All the business must-do’s laid out clearly over 5 comprehensive modules
  • To learn from Australia’s most trusted VA Advocate
  • Run via a private membership portal with support via our FB group.

... then this is the course for you.


Stop wasting time trying to do it yourself and getting lost in the rabbit holes of internet searching with Australia’s most up-to-date and proven VA business building course.

In this 5 module program you'll learn everything you need to know about running a Stellar VA Business.

7 Day



How do I access the coaching sessions?

Will I get templates for client agreements and things like that?